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You may have a great looking website but is it hard to find on search engines; Our skilled Manchester based team specialise in SEO issues and we should be able to identify what the problems are and how to get your website higher in the search engine rankings.

We have a variety of SEO services that look at your website performance, html, CSS coding, server speed and offsite/onsite optimisation. This should allow you to get better rankings, target the correct clients and overall get a more successful online business.

SEO Basic Scan

SEO Basic Scan

A basic SEO scan can identify and SEO issues with your website.
SEO Full Scan

SEO Full Scan

With a full SEO audit any slightest SEO problems can be identified.
Web Development

Web Development

We can build a fresh clean design with SEO optimisation included.

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SEO Package 1

Set Up - £200+vat then monthly charge of £99+vat

  • Google Analytics – Setup and analyse - monthly reports annotated.
  • Google Webmaster – Setup and analyse search data and linking.
  • Google Tag manager – Setup and track images, links pdfs downloads etc.
  • Keyword Research – Find the search terms people are using and adjust site to optimise.
  • Monthly reports – Performance website review
  • Submission to major search engines.

SEO Package 2

Set Up - £400+vat then monthly charge of £199+vat
All SEO Package 1 and:

  • Incoming links – adding high quality links each month.
  • On Site Page Content – rewrite copy to ensure it is keyword rich.
  • Internal links – Keywords linked to key pages.
  • Website Imagery – Images will be named relevant to keywords.
  • Conversion Optimisation - We will analyse visitor behaviour, track users on your site and know exactly which marketing activity brought those visitors.
  • Page Validity - ensure pages meet the W3CW coding standards.
  • Creation of additional pages- To increase currency of website ensuring the content is engaging and keyword specific.

SEO Package 3

Set Up - £799+vat then monthly charge of £299+vat
All SEO Package 2 and:

  • Creation of landing pages – Individual pages designed to increase traffic and direct contact with your clients for specific keywords.
  • Addition of Goals and funnels – Identifies any week spots, to make sure your website is performing at an optimal level.
  • News / Blog keyword article creation – Relevant stories and articles frequently updating your websites content. (Minimum 5 articles per month)
  • Social Media - We will work with your existing social media platforms or help create and set up any that we feel you need to be engaged with. Use these tools to increase followers and reinforce brand message
  • Detailed Monthly reports – We will provide you with a monthly performance website review, with website improvement suggestions, so you can improve your website and track your websites progress.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns - Using a dedicated server to send over 100,000 emails an hour.
  • SSL & Security - Installation of SSL to provide user confidence on a secure site and to improve Google rankings, updates to plugins and ensure compatibility on devices and browsers.

Some of our SEO services

Organic Search Research

Competitor Analysis will help you get a higher ranking in the organic results by gaining insights into your competitors stratergy.

Advertising Research

We will investigate your competitors PPC strategies and budget and help you discover how to maximise your results from your PPC investment.


Conducting a deep link analysis will allow you to discover backlinks to your site and your competitors' backlinks.

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to enrich your web content and help your PPC campaigns is essential. We will gather phrases, keywords, long-tail keywords that are best for your SEO.

Product Listing Ads

We will help boost your Google Shopping campaigns and help you get insights into your competitors product feeds.

Site Audit

We analyse your website to ensure it is more accessible for search engines and importantly ensures a postive user experience.

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